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autor: lourencohen
czw 13 mar 2014, 12:02
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Temat: Ceremoniał
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Re: Ceremoniał

Now that was an informative post to read on about the ceremonial and the TSO. I read about these terms earlier, but not aware how these connects with each other. You have explained it in a well manner and very to understand. Thanks for sharing.

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autor: lourencohen
pn 03 mar 2014, 10:16
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Temat: Szkolenie medyczne w Kirach
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Re: Szkolenie medyczne w Kirach

I had read similar reviews about the medical training in Kiry earlier also in some student forums. Many people were cheated and very much disappointed about the service the medical training company provides. Every one complaint about both the facilities and coaching they provide even after getting a...